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“A library goes on as far as a thought can reach”


               Library is a bower beneath which information of the whole universe is preserved. The resources of libraries never dry up. We can go to the library whenever we want and acquire information and knowledge. At our library we provide 3000+ books of various subjects including science, arts, literature, etc. We have a splendid atmosphere for reading with 200 seating capacity and separate news paper sections further divided separately for girls and boys. Keeping in mind the essence of technological assistance to a library we have provided computer system loaded with fully upgraded library software to access nearly all the information that can be served.


​Working Hours

Titles                                           832
Books                                         1131
Reference Books                  717
Textbooks                                135
Competitive Books              50
Periodicals                                26
News Papers                           5
Seating Capacity                  200​​

Working Days   10.00 am to 6.00 pm
During exam      9.00 am to 8.00 pm





  1. Each student is provided Identity Card and Borrower’s Card. Books are issued on Borrower’s Card on fortnightly basis and provided additional two books on SC/ST, Merit, NCC, NSS and Differently abled students.

  2. The barcode facility is also provided.

  3. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) search facility is provided to the students and staff to enable them easy access to the resources of the library.

  4. The Librarian ensures the purchasing of current titles in consultation with the respective departments. Suggestions from the students also taken into consideration in purchase of books.

  5. Separate section is provided for competitive and career guidance books.

  6. Computers are available in the library for OPAC services, access to e-journals.

  7. Separate seating arrangement is made for girls and boys and reading rooms of 75 seats capacity is availed for both girls and boys.



1       The issue counter shall be closed one hour before the closing of Library.

2       The following are entitled to enrol themselves as member.

          a) Students and Teachers of the college.

          b) Administrative staff of the college.

3       Identity card will be shown at the counter when requested.

4       Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.

5       Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited.

6       Readers shall not write in or otherwise disfigure/damage books, furniture etc. In case of such                    damage, two times the cost of the articles shall be paid by the users or the article shall be                           replaced by the user.

7     A student shall have to replace such books or other property damaged, injured or shall make                     payment for the value thereof.

8     The members are entitled to take books on loan on a scale given below.

          a)  B.Sc. Students 3 books (2 Merit/SC/ST/Differently Abled People & 1 on Card)

          b) Teachers of the college 3 books

          c) Administrative staff of the college 5 books

9       A student/staff who loses a book shall make a payment of double the value of the book.

10    Reference books, rare books, periodical publications are not issued to home.

11    All books on loans should be returned at expiry of 2 Days from the date of issue.

12    Borrowers tickets are not transferable.

13    Decent and dignified behaviour is expected.

15    Use of mobiles is prohibited.

16   If any student loses his or her Identity Card /Borrowers Card, a fee of Rs. 100/- and Rs. 25/- will              be charged respectively for the issue of Duplicate Identity Card/Borrowers Card.

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