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Events & Traditions
The institute has a cluster of events for each season and every talent designed to make the best of its diverse student population. The events viz. sports, cultural activities, traditional day, technical events, aim to reveal every hidden potential of the students. These activities are not only a break from academic life but form the essence of the Indian culture.
Student activities at the institute are hosted by 10+ student clubs viz Science club, cultural club, recreation club, nature club, photography club. The clubs managed by the student representatives come together to host a range of programmes, provide organizational support to annual events and help students gain exposure to the best minds in their specific areas.
Safety and Security
Safe and secure campus with 24/7 comprehensive security and fire safety measures
The institute is equipped with new and modern infrastructure facilities to maintain the physical wellness of the student community. A State-of-the-art facilities and well trained Physical Education Directors support and manage sports, games and physical fitness activities

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