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ARMY wing of NCC Unit is established in the institute during the academic year 2021-22; NCC welcomes the students to a new world of patriotism, discipline, adventure, courage and fun. A lot of hard work and dedication is required to become a good NCC cadet and to achieve such goals. NCC unit of Tungal Schools works in the direction to make the cadets to be a good leader, to be a decision maker, to be a good team member, to be a disciplined citizen. New enrolment for NCC unit starts as soon as students enter into the first year itself. A cadet has to be in NCC for 3 years in order to get B-certificate and C-certificate. Cadets are awarded with B-certificate after successful completion of two-years of training and certificate examination. Cadets are awarded with C-certificate in their third-year training, followed by certificate examination.

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